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The world’s first ‘hyper-reality’ escape room launches in Hong Kong

Written by
Olivia Lai

Virtual reality gaming is all the rage right now. Things have moved on a bit since The Lawnmower Man and now gamers can immerse themselves in entirely new worlds and be anything from a fruit ninja, a seasoned assassin or a zombie killer.

Helping take escape rooms to a whole level — ’cause, really, they’re so last year — Causeway Bay’s Glo Station, which opened just last week, invites you to fight the disease ridden undead and attempt to escape an abandoned mansion all on VR.

At this new escape room, clearly Resident Evil inspired, which claims to be the world’s first ‘hyper-reality’ escape room, you and a squad of three to four friends have the entire green room to yourself for an hour to run wild and kick zombie butt. It costs $160 per person on a weekday and $180 Friday to Sunday. Grab your mates and put your teamwork to the test as you solve problems and mow down zombies hordes. The walking dead are going to feel a hell lot closer and more real than on your computer screen. Better bring an extra pair of pants...

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