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There’s a partial lunar eclipse tonight and it’s going to last for 5 hours

Written by
Olivia Lai

Clear up your Monday night schedule and get ready to experience a rare astronomical event that is the partial lunar eclipse. According to the Hong Kong Observatory, the partial eclipse, which is when the moon passes directly behind Earth and creates a shadow on the moon, is expected to start at 11.48pm on Monday night and will last overnight until 4.53am, with the maximum eclipse occurring at 2.21am. 

And good news, thanks to the high elevation of the moon during the eclipse, Hongkongers should have a pretty clear view of the phenomena. Just make sure you’re at high vantage point facing towards the south and southwest. Southside and Lamma Island might be the places to be for that sweet view of the eclipse. 

Though it’s not a total eclipse, we feel Bonnie Tyler wouldn’t mind us belting our hearts out throughout the night to keep ourselves 'bright-eyed' next morning for work.  

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