Life is Art film festival

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Life is Art film festival
Documentary ‘Citizen Jane’

The annual documentary film festival is back, covering everything from theatre to fashion

An antidote to all those summer blockbusters, Life is Art returns with a new line-up of documentary films covering all aspects of culture. This year’s categories include: fashion, theatre, civic history and more. Whether you’re a fan of Richard Linklater or Buena Vista Social Club, there’s something for all culture vultures here.

Particular highlights for this edition include Citizen Jane, about activist Jane Jacobs’ successful campaign to stop an expressway being inserted into lower Manhattan in the 1960s; the Royal Shakespeare Company’s new production of Titus Andronicus; and The Helper, a documentary about The Unsung Heroes, a choir of 50 domestic helpers, preparing for their debut performance at Hong Kong’s Clockenflap music festival.

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