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The best Hong Kong TV posters of all time

The posters with the most... ers?

Written by
Katy Ng

There’s no shortage of unusual concepts in the world of local Hong Kong television – just look at the premise for The Exorcist’s Meter. This wonderful wackiness is often displayed loud and proud in many TV shows’ promotional posters. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we’re sharing the most out-there posters we’ve come across, featuring everything from mythological Chinese creatures to vampire boyfriends.

The best Hong Kong tv posters of all time

Journey to the West (1996)

A TVB classic, Journey to the West centred on the adventures of the Monkey King (played by Dicky Cheung) as he embarked on the show’s titular quest. Inspired by Chinese mythology, the show – and its poster – featured all sorts of weird characters, including the Monkey King’s pig-headed (literally) pal and the Bull Demon King, who sports horns and a fierce mullet.

Ten Brothers (2007)

Also from TVB and also based on Chinese mythology, Ten Brothers tells the story of, well, ten brothers. Only, these aren’t your average Joe siblings – the brothers each have a special power, from super-long limbs to the ability to fly. The brothers get their powers after their parents swallow ten pearls, which sorta explains why there’s an aquatic theme – and a CGI fish – in the poster.


Gods of Honour (2001)

This TVB favourite features Benny Chang as Nezha, a Chinese deity with a little girl’s hairstyle (fun fact: a young Nezha features on Journey to the West). In terms of the poster, it’s the dystopian background with its phoenixes and lightning bolts that really steals the spotlight.

My Date with a Vampire III (2004)

Perhaps one of the best-known ATV franchises of all time, My Date with a Vampire made bloodsucking boyfriends cool even before Edward Cullen became a thing. Of all the posters from this series, the one for the third instalment is the best – instead of the more conservative cape get-up, the vampires here sport a modern, Matrix-y look with trenchcoats and leather touches. Très chic!


Mystery Files (1997)

This sci-fi thriller uses the good ol’ floating head technique in its poster, not unsimilar to Fifth Element. The torso-less noggins here are TVB heavyweights Gallen Lo and Maggie Cheung, who also get an eerie glow to frame their faces.

The Vampire Returns (1993)

The show that kickstarted the vampire trend on Hong Kong television, this 1993 comedy starred a then 21-year-old Sammi Cheng as a female ghost. The poster seems relatively normal at first glance, but if you take a closer look, you’ll notice that the four vampires in the corner are totally throwing gang signs. They may be undead, but they’ve still got plenty of swag!

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