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Superfoods: pomegranate
Photograph: Courtesy of Trade Commission of Peru

Food Ticket: eat your way to Peru with pomegranate

Packing some seriously seedy goodness

Time Out Hong Kong in partnership with Trade Commission of Peru

Peru’s generous harvest of superfoods is a treasure for the world. What's so special about it is the superfoods are a category of nutritionally dense foods including fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and fish. In its natural, unprocessed form, superfoods contain disease-fighting vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, oils and essential fatty acids – basically, all the good stuff. 

A fusion of its rich land, the ancient ancestral wisdom of the Andean people and coastal climate creates the perfect combination for special harvest to flourish in Peru. In fact, Peru is so adept at producing and exporting superfoods that a sectorial brand specifically for Peruvian superfoods has been created so the consumer can easily identify the origin of the product.

Photograph: Dan Tang

Also known scientifically as punica granatum, the pomegranate is one of Peru's proud exports. Pomegranate is categorised as a berry, and the seeds are where the money is. These tiny, tangy jewels nestled inside are technically called ariels, and full of flavour and nutritious value. Loaded with important nutrients, the pomegranate is characterised as being high in antioxidants, and not to mention, delicious. 

The seeds of the pomegranate can be enjoyed in a few ways –as a fruity and textural addition to a salad, a topper for a yogurt parfait, stirred into grains like quinoa and farro, squeezed into a fresh juice, or simply eaten au naturale. Pomegranate has also made its way into cocktails and onto bar shelves in the form of liqueurs, as well as into mainstream skincare since the natural antimicrobials from vitamin C help to fight bacteria on the skin.

A ticket to Peru
Photograph: Courtesy of Trade Commission of Peru

A ticket to Peru

Pomegranates are in season from February to June, so now is the best time to get your hands on these seedy little guys. While exploring the colourful markets of Peru may not be possible right now, Peru exports pomegranate to Hong Kong along with a long list of other countries, and can be found at local grocery chains across the city including Fruity BoboChun To FruitHutchgo MallFruituallySouth Stream Market, and even Park & Shop (Taste). Supply can vary so be sure to stock up when you see it at your favorite retailer.

Eat your way to Peru as we celebrate a different Peruvian superfood every month in our Food Ticket series. In addition, stay tuned as we take our cameras into the kitchens of some of the city's best restaurants to cook up a superfood storm. 

Head to Superfoods Peru for more info, and check out the Hong Kong office of Promperu page, which posts regular updates about where you can find your favourite Peruvian superfoods locally!

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