The art of breathwork with Brian Lai

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breathwork with Brian Lai
Photograph: Courtesy Asaya Hong Kong

Time Out says

Discover the life-changing power of breathwork

If you have ever attended a yoga class, the instructor reminds you to control your breath, breathe consciously and with awareness. That’s because conscious breathing improves respiration, and proper techniques can do wonders for your day to day life. Asaya Hong Kong is holding four breathwork sessions ($890 per head per session) under the guidance of Primal Breathwork Australia instructor Brian Lai. If you’ve been stressed, anxious, depressed, or just want to recharge and increase your energy, breathwork practices might be the transformative tool you need to improve your general wellbeing. Make sure to reserve a spot to the workshop and discover the life-changing power of breathwork.

Scheduled on March 20 and 21, Brian will teach time-tested breathing techniques and methods that will help improve your mental, physical, or emotional state. If you are looking for something a bit more private, Brian will be available for one-on-one breathwork sessions, exclusively at Asaya from March 22 to 26.


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