HK Loves Chechnya


Time Out says

A local fundraiser to aid LGBTI individuals in escaping persecution in Chechnya

In a week when French president Emmanuel Macron has urged Vladimir Putin to ensure that the rights of LGBTI individuals are protected following allegations of a crackdown on gay men in Chechnya, Planet Ally is leading an event to help raise money and logistical support to aid LGBTI people trying to escape persecution in that region of the Russian republic.

Several organisations, including Rainbow Railroad, the Russian LGBT Network, and All Out are already funding campaigns to help, now you can do your bit in HK. The event at FLM (who are offering standard drinks at $50) will include a Skype session with organisers from Rainbow Railroad, an expert panel discussion on LGBTI refugees, and live performances from local Hong Kong entertainers Les Fight and La Chiquitta. Show some solidarity and get along!


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