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Mass Luciano

Mr Gay Hong Kong, Mass Luciano on his new fashion brand 'Mass'

“As Mr Gay Hong Kong, it’s very important for me to make sure that the clothes are produced here and not in China"

Written by
Arthur Tam

The reigning Mr Gay Hong Kong, Mass Luciano, talks to Arthur Tam about his new fashion brand

It’s been a year since Mass Luciano was crowned Mr Gay Hong Kong. The title not only meant that Luciano has a rocking body in a swimsuit, but that he was the entrant most fit to be a role model for Hong Kong’s gay community. The wider world agreed when Luciano was first runner-up title at this year’s Mr Gay World competition, only falling behind Mr Gay Germany. It’s the furthest any Hong Kong-based contestant has ever got in the competition, and that’s something we can take pride in. 

With the Mr Gay Hong Kong competition not taking place this year due to organisational difficulties, Luciano remains our reigning champion. Catching up with the 36-year-old, we learn he’s recently launched his very own clothing brand, aptly named Mass. 

This isn’t Luciano’s first stint in fashion. He’s been in the biz for the last 12 years, working for different brands as designer and stylist, but this is the first time he’s been able to call something his own. “I’ve already been helping other people develop their brands for so long,” says Luciano. “But then my boyfriend suggested I create my own line and I thought it was a great idea. I have something that’s my own and something substantial that I can build upon.” 

The designer’s debut collection features 12-pieces of black and white, hip-hop, gay boi streetwear that emphasises the use of mesh and comfy cotton blends. There are sweaters inspired by Hong Kong’s bamboo scaffolding which have complex architectural patterns, as well as tailored sweatpants, shorts and tank tops. 

“The idea for the collection is to offer comfort while keeping it sexy,” says Luciano. “I also love mesh, but I often see that it’s cheaply done in the market so I wanted to incorporate quality mesh in a classy way. It’s still wearable without being too risqué.” Another major part of the brand concept is keeping the whole production process within the city. “As Mr Gay Hong Kong, it’s very important for me to make sure that the clothes are produced here and not in China,’ says Luciano. “It’s important for me not just to be an ambassador for the gay community, but to also be part of the fashion community here and to help maintain it. There’s a sense of pride about working with talented craftsmen that live and work in the city, yet not many local brands actually produce their garments here, which is a shame.”

So far the brand has created quite a stir and sales are steady. Luciano is planning to come out with a capsule collection every four to six months and we can’t wait to see what he’ll be releasing next.

Mass is exclusively available at

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