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Peter Le on dick picks, Jeremy Long and the changing perception of Asian males

International Asian-American porn star, Peter Fever, is getting ready to come to Hong Kong and throw a huge birthday celebration. He tells Arthur Tam all about it.

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Arthur Tam

He’s America’s premier Asian-American male pornstar and his sizeable reach crosses international boundaries. We are talking about Peter Le, aka Peter Fever, of course, who has been creating quite a stir touring around Asia as of late. He’s been to all the big gay circuit parties in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, and Bangkok – and now – for the first time ever, he’s decided to hold his birthday bash in our city to celebrate turning 33 and everyone is invited.

Le is a giver. His solo videos of him caressing his rock hard Adonis body and stroking his more than ample appendage have kept many warm at night. But to say he’s just a porn star would be limiting. He’s an author, a personal trainer, a producer, actor, director and most importantly an entrepreneur. His porn site,, has become one of the most watched Asian gay porn sites in the world, despite Le’s refusal to label or identify his sexuality. You see, Le never engages in any sex scenes with any of the actors that he has brought on board to his company. He likes to keep us guessing, but regardless, he has still been able to build a profitable site and create an allure about himself.

Ahead of his birthday party bonanza Time Out speaks to Le about his favourite sex position and his mission to break down the wall of negative stereotypes facing Asian men.

So Peter, why have you chosen Hong Kong as the destination to host your birthday party?
I’ve never been to Hong Kong, but I know it is a great international hub, convenient for my fans to get to. Also, Hong Kong has that nightlife energy that I want for my party.

What can we expect at the bash?
I’ll be doing stage performances but I’ll make this a more intimate opportunity to meet and greet fans. This time I want to give them the opportunity to get up close and personal and celebrate with me. I’ve also invited some of the most popular go-go boys from the Shanghai circuit scene to perform with me.

How does the circuit party in Asia compare to the States?
In Asia they have more time, effort, money and manpower to put on a big show. In LA things happen more on a weekly basis, whereas in Asia there are bigger one-off events. In Asia, it’s freer and there is nothing holding you back when you party. In the US, there are a lot more restrictions. You can’t drink too much or you’ll get kicked out of a club and LA bars stop serving at 2am.

When did you know that Peter Fever could be a business?
I was orginally doing it more for fun. At the time I was already doing quite well with personal training and I owned a house, so was just a side project until it starting growing. Then I thought, I should devote myself to something that I really believe in, which is promoting Asian men. I was getting emails and fan letters from people thanking me for doing that. The whole point of having Peter Fever is to show off the Asian male physique.

Do you think the perception of Asian men is changing?
It has changed in a huge way. Now when you search for hot Asian guys on Instagram you see tons. There are more Asian people out there being more secure about their sexuality and that’s a good thing.

What do you think about UC Berkley grad pornstar Jeremy Long and his mission to change the perception of Asian men in straight porn?
I love it.

Is porn the right avenue to change that perception?
Okay, Jeremy Long. If you think about it, there is no dedicated straight Asian porn out there [in the US]. The reason there is no Asian site is because bigger porn sites don’t think it’s going to do well. If Jeremy does well, he’s going to bring more attention to Asian men and more studios are going to want to hire Asian men. So, Jeremy and I want the same thing, which is to let studios know that hiring Asian men can be profitable.

Do you think there are also cultural reasons why it’s harder to find Asian male porn actors?
I know what you’re talking about. When Peter Fever first started I was auditioning guys and they were a bit shy when it came to showing me their dicks. Now there is Instagram and people are direct messaging me dick pics all the time. Things are changing and people are being more open with their sexuality.

Do you think that conforming to a Western idealism of masculinity alienates effeminate men?
I don’t think it alienates people at all. Having more fit, muscular Asian guys who are public about themselves is a good thing. It basically cuts the idea of what an Asian guy is. You can be a skinny Asian guy, you can be a buff Asian guy, whichever. But, when you think about an Asian guy, now, you don’t think of a nerd anymore, just an Asian guy.

Last question, what is your favourite sexual position and why?
It’s kind of like doggy style but you’re on your feet and you’re hovering over them and pinning them down to the floor. It takes stamina.

Do you think of it as a workout or sex then?
A little bit of both.

Peter Le Birthday Bash Fri Nov 6. $1,000 (inc two drink). Big City, 3/F, 238 Centre, 238 Nathan Rd, Jordan, 9349 5482;

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