Hi! Houses: Wilson Shieh x Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum

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Time Out says

Walk through history with Dr Sun Yat-sen as the museum is transformed into a unique art exhibition

As part of the 'Hi! Houses' exhibitions organised by the Art Promotion Office, renowned local artist Wilson Shieh presents a new perspective on both Kom Tong Hall and the founding father of the Republic of China, Dr Sun Yat-sen himself. Having grown up in the Central area, he has an intimate relationship with both the area and the hall, having visited the building and the museum on many occasions at different times in his life. Translating this relationship into artwork in the exhibition, Shieh has created a wonderful set of colourful decorative screens that tell the story of the various stages of Dr Sun Yat-sen’s life and uses historical motifs to produce paintings in the form of traditional Chinese screens. 

Quirky and original, explore one of the most influential Chinese figure and your chance to experience this piece of Hong Kong’s history at one of our most engaging and historical museums. 


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