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Artist showcase: Thud

“We’re doing a lot of recordings and we’ve been writing quite a number of new songs”

Written by
Graham Turner

We’ve been in love with local shoegaze five-piece Thud ever since they exploded on to the scene with their debut single, Lime, back in 2014. Over the last three years, the band has continued to hone and nuance their dreamy live performances and released an excellent EP, Floret, along the way.

We’re waiting with baited breath for their debut album (which will supposedly include a single mixed by UK producer MJ from the Hookworms) that should drop soon. Tonight though, they support UK-based indie darlings Splashh (check out our interview with them here) at MOM Live House in what should be one of best indie shows of the year. We grab a quick chat with the band ahead of the gig...

Hey guys, it’s been a while! How’s things?
We’ve been doing a lot of recording and we’ve been writing quite a number of new songs, which is kind of exciting to play in live sets!

When will we see a follow-up to Floret? It was our favourite release of 2015, so we’re excited to see what you guys do next. We trust Prime of Pride will be on there? Cracking tune... 
We’re going to release another single this summer! And thanks for liking Prime of Pride! We released it as a limited edition on cassette and we’re glad that people like it.

You used to get really bad pre-set nerves. Is that still the case? 
Yes. We’re still kind of nervous before the shows but once we get on stage, the excitement usually replaces the nerves.

You guys have been going strong for a few years now. What have been some highlights for you as a band? 
Some highlights would be releasing the Prime of Pride music video and our merch for the first time! Also, we’re happy that we got the chance to travel to Singapore, Shanghai and Guangzhou as a band, and as best friends. Hopefully we can travel more soon!

You excited to support Splashh?
Of course! We’ve been waiting for them to come to Hong Kong for two years! It’ll be nice to see them live, and supporting them makes it even more exciting!

Tickets are available here or you can pay on the door. See you there!

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