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Artist showcase: Tri-Accident

All you need to know about this local post-grunge / hard rock four-piece as they prepare for their debut album’s record release show

Written by
Graham Turner
After storming last year’s Planetrox and Yamaha Asian Beat finals and becoming champions of the Parsons’ Music Band Legend Competition 2017, local hard rock outfit Tri-Accident are finally releasing their long-awaited debut album, the awesomely named Pointless Filler. We catch up with the band ahead of the release show to get a better sense of what Tri-Accident are all about...

Tell us a bit about the band and how you all came together...
We started by accident – hence the name! – as a three-piece with Johnny [guitarist], Zing [bassist] and Cyrus [drummer] back in 2013! We were lucky to discover each other as we’re all hungry to jam the kind of classic rock/metal from the 70s through the 90s. Shortly after that, we found the missing piece of the puzzle: singer and songwriter Alex!

Since then we’ve played local gigs from Backstage Live to The Wanch, toured South China, and even got prizes in a couple of competitions like the most recent Parsons Band Legend Competition 2017.

How would you describe Tri-Accident and your music?
With Tri-Accident, you’ll find music that is full of heavy guitar and bass riffs, furious drumming and spontaneous jams that showcase our musical and technical ability, blended with soulful vocals and lyrics that make you wanna sing along. We would describe our style as a mix of various modern genres such as metal, funk rock and grunge – all injected into classic hard rock.

Who are some of your influences?
Mr Big, Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden…

Tell us about your new album...
The title, Pointless Filler, represents the frustration of being trapped in a soulless work life. It contains six heavy rock tracks made with the classic Tri-Accident recipe – raw, rockin’ riffs and groves, in-your-face drums and soulful vocals. Our favourite tune off the album is Complicated. It’s about how we, the working class, are always burnt out by the day-to-day struggles of city life. We wonder if there are simpler ways to live for the good of our soul. The song was played live in our winning performance at the recent Parsons Band Legend Competition. The mastering for the album was done by Geoff Pesche – whose previous works included Dire Straits’ Brothers in Arms, and Jimmy Page and Robert Plant’s No Quarter, to name but a few – from the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

Where can people listen to or buy your music?
We encourage people to come to our show on September 9 – The Underground HK & Parsons Band Club Present Tri-Accident: Pointless Filler Live – and buy our CD there!
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