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Time Out says

With their mix of rock, synthpop and hip-hop, Japanese band Back-On have made their mark in the world of anime, videogames, TV dramas and commercials with a backlog attached to many mainstream anime. Since their debut in 2002, Japanese TV enthusiasts will have heard their songs on repeat while binge watching big name shows like One Piece, Fairy Tail or late-night drama Shinjuku Swan.

‘Back-On’ has similar pronunciation to <<爆音>>, or “baku-on” in Japanese, the pun evoking an ‘explosion of sound’. As their name thus suggests, the group’s songs tend to be energetic and fast-paced, with powerful vocals and buoyant buildup. Back in 2008, their collaboration with hip-hop band Greeeen resulted in a new supergroup, Bareeeeeeeeeen, that released both hit singles and an album, making the two bands’ presence ever more prominent in the Japanese music industry. Six years down the line, despite the resignation and replacement of several drummers, Back-On returned to stun fans with their Gundam theme song, Silent Trigger, which quickly seized a top 10 spot in the weekly singles chart. Their popularity among anime enthusiasts has brought them around the world, touring various anime conventions in the US, Canada, Europe and China.

As if Hong Kong wasn’t hot enough in summer, Back-On is bringing the heat this July, with a tour packed with songs from their recently released fifth album, Pack of the Future. With their highly infectious singles, Back-On are sure to blow you away with their energy and enthusiasm when they take the stage. 


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