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Interview: Biting Eye (The Gig Week Hong Kong)

“I know Hong Kong people love music. So, really, why not get out among it and enjoy yourselves!?”

Written by
Graham Turner

An amazing week of live music draws to a close with the final night of The Gig Week Hong Kong. In the last of our series of interviews with performers and organisers, we chat to HK electro luminary Biting Eye ahead of his set at Volar...

Hi Biting Eye! Tell readers what you’re all about.
I’ve been playing live electronic music for over 20 years. Sounds like a DJ, but the use of synths and drum machines makes it louder.

How’s Hong Kong’s live scene doing these days?  
It’s wonderful! So many good bands. We’re lucky to be in a place with such diversity and so many opportunities for music to flourish.

Is The Gig Week a big deal then in terms of keeping live music in Hong Kong alive?
The Gig Week is a great concept as it supports local artists and shows just how diverse and talented the musicians in Hong Kong are. Truly world class.

Is Hong Kong a tough place to be a musician?
Hong Kong is a physically small place with a massive population. There are gigs happening every night of the week, unfortunately the majority of the population doesn’t support indie music, as they only know what they are spoon fed by the media. What can be done to improve it? It would be great if the media got behind indie music and helped to promote it to the population.

What else can be done to help support local live music?
The first thing people can do is get up off their sofas and get out to the gigs. I know Hong Kong people love music, so really, why not get out amongst it and enjoy yourselves!?

Any tips for budding musicians looking to get started?
Social media groups have become popular over the last few years and they’re a great way to meet like-minded people. There are rehearsal rooms scattered throughout the city where you can just rock up with your friends and start playing; you don’t even need to bring an instrument. Hong Kong is very unique with so many talented musicians. We’re really lucky to be able to live in a place with so much diverse talent. Going to gigs is also a great way to meet other musicians, especially those that like the same kind of music as you.

Final thoughts?
Support your local indie scene. This is the only way to let music in Hong Kong flourish and to give people the freedom to choose something other than the prepackaged music they’re spoon fed by the media. 

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