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Interview: Doughboy (The Gig Week Hong Kong)

“It almost feels sad that we have to mention that it is ‘important’ to keep live music ‘alive’ in Hong Kong”

Written by
Graham Turner

Day three of the week-long live music bonanza that is Hong Kong Gig Week sees four hip-hop outfits take to the stage at underground venue XXX. We catch up with rapper/producer Doughboy to get his take on proceedings...

Hi Doughboy! What's your background?
I'm a music producer/rapper based in Hong Kong. I've been producing for quite a while but I only released my debut album, Chinglish, back in April. The physical copies of the album are in the form of a sofubi toy.

And what do you think about Hong Kong’s live scene?
I like the vibe of watching a live show. I get to see musicians interact with the audience.

How important is an event like The Gig Week towards maintaining a live music scene here?
It almost feels sad that we have to mention that it is "important" to keep live music "alive" in Hong Kong. I really appreciate organisers like The Gig Week who are committed to drawing people to watch shows.

Is it easy to make it as a musician in Hong Kong?
The regular Hong Kong lifestyle doesn't really leave everyone with much spare time to listen to an album or to go to a live show regularly. I don't think it's a problem, because it would be selfish if I did. Local soccer players are used to playing in empty stadiums but they still do it because that's what they enjoy.

What can people do to support local live music in Hong Kong?
Enjoy themselves and appreciate others.

Any tips for any new artists getting started?
Be internet savvy. Make good music. Enjoy what you do.

Final thoughts?
I hope to see people come to watch the other guys performing with me at XXX on the 20th and hope you'd like to come watch me perform too.

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