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The Russian post-punk, new wavers come to Asia for the first time

Joy Division, New Order, My Bloody Valentine. These are the British and Irish bands that defined the zeitgeist of the indie movement in the late 70s and paved the way for post-punk and shoegaze. Fast forward to the last 10 years and there’s a palatable dearth of bands dedicated to carrying the torch for this brand of music - if you're in Britain or Ireland that is. Head about 3,500 miles east of the UK’s shores to the sleepy Russian port village of Rostov-on-Don and you’ll find Motorama, one of the most exciting post-punk revival bands we’ve heard for years. And, it's not just them. Soviet Soviet, Pinkshinyultrablast, Human Tetris, it’s staggering how many ridiculously accomplished bands there are in Russia that have picked up the mantle. 

As good as these bands are, they’re of an unknown quantity to many. That’s why, when we got the news that Motorama would be making their Asian debut at Mom Livehouse on September 22, we almost pissed our knickers in excitement. If you think our praise sounds hyperbolic, come along and see for yourself. Bet you 10 dollars you’ll agree with us. 


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