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Swedish outfit pg.lost come to Hong Kong ahead of their album release

Swedish band PG Lost fly into Hong Kong just days before the release of their new album, Versus. For anyone who enjoyed Explosions in the Sky last year or caught Godspeed You! Black Emperor at MacPherson Stadium in March, this should be the next big event in your calendar. With a sound somewhere between the former and Sigur Rós, PG Lost’s music balances studies on human emotion with ‘endless instrumental experiments of prolonging’.

The band was formed back in 2004 by multi-instrumentalist Mattias Bhatt, who, when not playing guitar in his post-rock outfit, spends the rest of his time behind the drum kit in British/Swedish indie group Kid Wave. Alongside Kristian Karlsson, Gustav Almberg and Rickard Danielsson, he has captained three full-length albums and two EPs.

Signed to Berlin-based label Pelagic Records, who also keep God is an Astronaut and The Ocean on their books, PG Lost sold out venues across China on their previous tour to this part of the world, picking up a loyal cult following which continues to expand – in fact, the band are more popular in Asia than Europe. Though, with post-rock retaining its appeal in the underground in cities like Guangzhou, Tokyo and our own fragrant harbour, it’s not difficult to see why.

PG Lost’s music seesaws between blistering, unforgiving distortion and tiptoeing melancholy, using staple instruments to build mighty walls of emotion only to icepick them back down. With their fourth album ready to drop, the Swedes fly east to show us how it sounds live and turned up to 11. Raw and energetic, PG Lost’s show should hit you right in the feels. Jules O'Brien


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