Wild Boar Music Festival

The Underground HK/Whizz
Photograph: Courtesy The Underground HK/Whizz
The Underground HK/Delta T
Photograph: Courtesy The Underground HK/Delta T
The Underground HK/Nowhere Boys
Photograph: Courtesy The Underground HK/Nowhere Boys

Time Out says

Get ready for some musical antics as the Wild Boar Music Festival brings together some of the best local bands in Hong Kong for an outdoor music gig like never before. Taking place at The Grounds at AIA Vitality Park, the socially distanced show will host an afternoon session from 1pm to 4.30pm ($250 per person; inclusive of one beer) and an evening session from 6pm to 10pm ($300 per person; inclusive of one beer), featuring local bands such as Whizz, Murphy's Law, ShumKing Mansion, Nowhere Boys, along with rap acts TripleSix and Delta T, and many more talented local musicians. Tickets can be purchased in groups of two or four in accordance with government regulations. So gather some friends, rediscover the joy of live music, and make some rocking new memories.


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