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A special-edition KMB Monopoly game launches in Hong Kong for Chinese New Year

Written by
Olivia Lai

Following the announcement that Hong Kong is getting the world’s first Monopoly attraction at The Peak, the hugely popular board game is wheeling fans in with another exciting addition: a special-edition Kowloon Motor Bus-themed Monopoly game.

The first of its kind, this Hong Kong-centric board game uses KMB’s bus routes as a blueprint, with bus stations replacing the usual property tiles while bus terminals and depots take up the utility spaces. As you can imagine, the Chance and Community Chest cards are all related to the local bus company’s history and facts. 

So, itching to get your hand on this worthy collectable? KMB has set up booths at Victoria Park (Stall 79-80 & 138), Fa Hui Park (Stall 36), Morse Park (Stall 102), Tung Tau Industrial Area Playground (Stall 59) and Yuen Wo Playground (Stall 25). You can buy a set at any of those five Chinese New Year markets between Jan 30 and Feb 4.  Aside from Monopoly, you can also pick up an array of KMB merchandise, including Zodiac-themed bus models, paper windmills, thermal flasks and stationery. 

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