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As voted by you: Hong Kong’s best dim sum

Written by
Graham Turner

Sure, we have our own preferences here at Time Out for the best dim sum dishes and the restaurants for yum cha, but we wanted to get your opinion on this most Hong Kong of dishes. So we asked, and you voted. Here’re the results...

20. Heuhng Mong Dung Boh Deen – mango pudding

19. Mah Lai Goh – sponge cake 

18. Djeen Dui – fried sesame balls 

17. Daan Taat – egg tart 

16. Har Cheung – shrimp noodle rolls

15. Cheun Goon – spring rolls 

14. Loh Sah Tong Yuen – steamed sesame balls 

13. Hom Sui Gok – glutinous rice dumplings 

12. Nor Mai Gai – sticky rice in lotus leaf 

11. Dja Leung – Chinese donut noodle rolls 

10. Ngau Cheung – beef noodle rolls

9. Pai Gwut – steamed pork ribs 

8. Lai Wong Bao - custard bun 

7. Fong Djau – steamed chicken feet

6. Lohr Bahk Go – pan fried turnip cake 

5. Gohk Char Siu Bao – baked pork buns 

4. Char Siu Soh – BBQ pork puffs 

3. Djing Char Siu Bao – steamed pork buns

2. Siu Mai – pork Siu Mai

1. Har Gow – shrimp dumplings

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