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Avobar introduces new dishes and drinks for summer

Avocado fans will be pleased to learn of these exciting new offerings from the city's avo-centric eatery
Written by
Sam Evans

Avobar has rolled out a new menu to ring in the summer, featuring some delicious and characteristically avo-centric dishes sure to delight many foodies in the city. The udon noodle bowl ($108) comes with Chinese cabbage, cucumber, pickled carrots, French beans, onions, cashew nuts, and, of course, avocado, all finished with lime and poke sauce dressing.

Chicken avocado toast

Other hearty options include the mouthwatering chicken avocado toast ($128), featuring chicken breast, pea shoots and furikake to really bring out the flavour of this tasty treat. For those after something a little smoother, the gluten-free, dairy-free Green Smoothie Bowl ($88) includes avocado, mango, banana, spinach, cucumber, and celery.

Avobar's milkshakes

With the summer heat and humidity, you'll naturally be feeling thirsty, but fret not, because Avobar have also rolled out a couple of new drinks to offer maximum satisfaction and hydration this summer. The Avo Cacao Shake ($80) mixes chocolate with almond milk, banana, avocado, dates, and cacao; whilst The Vanilla Avo Shake ($80) combines avocado with banana, almond butter, dates, and Himalayan salt in almond milk. 

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