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Bounce on giant white balls at a new interactive installation

Written by
Olivia Lai

Massive, white bouncy balls have taken over the waterfront in TST as part of a new immersive, interactive installation by New York-based collaborative Snarkitecture, which enlivens Harbour City from now until September 2.

Snarkitecture is
 no stranger to out-of-the-box large-scale projects and is famous for pushing the boundaries between art and architecture and imagining creative scenarios for everyday objects. Its most famous installation to date is The Beach, an artificial enclosure made out of scaffolding, panelling, and mirrors, with a sloped floor that leads towards a giant ball pit filled up with 1,000,000 white balls. 

Bringing Snarkitecture's genius to Hong Kong for the first time, Bounce invites Hongkongers to be one with their inner child – actual kids are allowed too – to jump, roll, lift and throw these big balls around inside the specially designed open space. With Victoria Harbour in the background, it’s a photoshoot waiting to happen. So head over to Harbour City and go nuts with it. You’ll have a ball.

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