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Flakes and Layers by Amanda S at K11 Musea
Photograph: Courtesy K11 Musea/Flakes and Layers

Flakes & Layers by Amanda S opens a pop-up at K11 Musea

With a tasty new flavour exclusive to the pop-up!
Written by
Jenny Leung

After its previous successful pop-ups at IFC and Teakha, Flakes & Layers by Hong Kong-based French celebrity Amanda S returns with yet another pop-up, this time held at cultural, retail hub K11 Musea!

For three months only, sugar-craving foodies can head to Flakes & Layers' gorgeous pink food truck set up at K11 Musea Muse Edition and sink their teeth into the brand's signature vanilla and chocolate Ooonuts ($50), as well as a new pistachio flavour ($60) made exclusively for the K11 Musea pop-up. Combining the mille-feuille with the doughnut, the Ooonuts – which got its name from the three zeros in a mille-feuille (1,000 layer pastry) – are crisp and crunchy on the outside, whilst staying soft and pillowy on the inside.

The vanilla Ooonut is made with Tahitian vanilla beans, while the chocolate Ooonut uses Valrhona single-origin cacao for its rich, chocolate cream filling. As for the exclusive pistachio flavour, the treat is made with Turkish pistachio cream, garnished with crunchy candied pistachio and gold flakes. They're all made fresh every day in limited quantities, so if you want a taste, you better act fast!

Flakes & Layers pop-up truck
Open from now until September 30 (Monday, Wednesdays to Sunday, 1pm-7pm)
K11 Musea Muse Edition (near Off-White, outdoor facing the Avenue of Stars waterfront)

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