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Get tickled watching The Last Jedi in MX4D

Written by
Douglas Parkes

iMax not enough for you? Any Star Wars fans looking for the ultimate Last Jedi viewing experience should head to either MCL’s Telford or Grand Kornhill branches. These two cinemas offer Hong Kong’s only MX4D screens and the new Star Wars film is booked for both when the film opens next Thursday. 

Yes, prepare to experience the Seat Popper, Air Blast and Leg Tickler, among others. What does that really mean? In effect, your cinema screen becomes an immersive environment where you get to feel what’s happening on screen via various effects built into your seat and the cinema itself. In total, there are eight effects in total to boost viewer immersion, including various sprays and seat mechanics. If you want to feel the full force of The Last Jedi, here’s where to do it. 

And although being fondled by the Leg Tickler sounds like a euphemism for an encounter with Harvey Weinstein, along with the city’s back-to-back screenings of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, Hong Kong actually has some pretty nifty screenings lined up for Episode VIII. Book your tickets and make it your First Order of business. Geddit?

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