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Help HK's homeless people find shelter in these difficult times
Written by
Sam Evans

ImpactHK is a Hong Kong-based charity that does great work in our city, having helped to put a roof over the heads of 100 previously homeless people over the past two years. This week, the group has opened a platform where we can all donate, to help the homeless in these especially challenging times. A real issue has arisen recently as fast-food chain McDonalds has decided to halt its dine-in service at all its outlets from 6pm, in an effort to fight the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

As sensible a move as this may be, many of the burger behemoth's 24/7 branches have traditionally offered a warm, safe place for the homeless to rest and grab a few hours of shuteye come nighttime. With as many as 500 people now left with nowhere to go, ImpactHK's new crowdfunding programme aims to raise money to spend on hostels and small hotels for the less fortunate – which is a double win, as we all know how much our hotel industry is suffering right now!

For those who wish to join the fight and show those less fortunate than ourselves that they don't walk alone, support the fundraiser with just a click of the mouse. With already well over $400,000 raised, the drive has exceeded expectations. With just over 24 hours left to donate, there's no better time than now to give to those in need. Click on this link to donate.  

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