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Joint is Kennedy Town’s new indie coffee shop

Written by
Douglas Parkes

For a neighbourhood that’s been called ‘gentrifying’ for the three years ever since the MTR arrived, Kennedy Town has a surprising lack of independent coffee shops. Cofftea is take-away-only and Waffling Beans is better at the waffles than the beans. Enter Joint. And no, before you get any ideas, it’s not that kind of coffeeshop. 

Rather, found on Hau Wo Street alongside a range of other independent eateries, like Aziza and Bun Cha, Joint is a simple space looking to do the basics right. A chat with staff reveals it’s been established by a former employee of PMQ’s Café Life who studied in coffee-obsessed Melbourne, where he first developed a taste for good coffee. Currently on the menu are all the expected offerings, from long blacks ($32) and flat whites ($38) to a more adventurous cold brew and tonic water ($50). Some excellent cakes from Café Life are also available, including chocolate ($35) and banana ($30).  

As for the name, it apparently comes from the fact that its founder hopes Joint will join people together and spark connections. Open 8am-5pm weekdays and 10am-5pm on the weekend, head over yourself and see who you run into.

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