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Make it happen: a Kowloon Walled City Lego set

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Time Out editors

Despite being home to Asia’s largest Lego store and initiating a recent MTR train takeover, there are a disappointing number of HK-specific Lego sets. Not for us architectural series like London and Tokyo have to pimp their wares. 

However, that could all change. A number of funky Hong Kong sets have appeared on Lego’s product ideas page. Our favourite is the one of the Kowloon Walled City (pictured), even in its truncated form. This infamous structure – at one time the most densely popular place on Earth –  lives on in popular culture thanks to its chaotic and (supposedly) lawless nature. Other nifty sets include a bustling Hong Kong street food scene, a recreation of Wan Chai’s colonial gem The Pawn, and even an HSBC ATM machine.

How can you make these concepts a reality? Simply go to the Lego Ideas website and try to get 10,000 supporters for any project. Hit the target, the Lego Review Board will look at the proposal and decide whether it’s a go or not. So there you go. If you come, they will build it.

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