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Mario Kart-inspired Mushroom Rally is coming to Hong Kong this November

Written by
Olivia Lai

Ever dreamed of playing Mario Kart in real life? Instead of flying all the way to Tokyo for a spin on a go-kart, now you'll have a chance to hit the track in Hong Kong as Mushroom Rally, the hugely popular costumed go-karting experience in the US, hosts a one-off event in Hong Kong on November 9. 

Though it’s not officially affiliated with Nintendo, Mushroom Rally features all the important bits to make it feel like a real Mario Kart rally. Participants have to race through a track against friends and collect stars along the way to win amazing prizes, all while dressed up as their favourite Mario Kart characters – Bowser, Princess Peach, Yoshi, you name it (no one wants to be Luigi, let’s be honest). 

All details are shrouded in secrecy at the moment including where the races are to be held. Though one thing we know (and perhaps this will be a small letdown for some) is that this will not be a street race. Either way, sign-ups are available now on their official website here. Tickets are super limited so better snap them up quick!  

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