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McDonald’s is rolling out two new instant noodle flavoured Shake Shake Fries

Written by
Olivia Lai

McDonald’s really knows how to hook us back in. After bringing back the four pattied Big Macs last December, the fast food chain is back at it again with the launch of two new Shake Shakes Fries flavours in Hong Kong: black garlic tonkotsu pork (from Feb 27) and the classic sesame oil (from March 21).

As part of its new Taste of Japan series in collaboration with Nissin Foods – you know, everyone’s go-to instant noodles in Hong Kong – McDonald’s is rolling out new Shake Shake Fries along with limited-edition burgers, including the Miyazaki-style Nanban chicken burger and Nagoya-style miso pork cutlet burger. These babies aren’t even available in Japan yet.

To enjoy your instant noodle-flavoured spuds, all you need to do is upsize any meal you order. Heads up to fans of the traditional Shake Shakes Fries seasonings  the seaweed and American honey barbecue are back as well. And if pineapple is your jam, be on the lookout for the pineapple pie, which will be available from March 21 onwards. 

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