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McDonald’s limited-edition D24 durian McFlurry is back!

Written by
Olivia Lai

Drop everything. Starting from Wednesday, June 22, the durian McFlurry is back in stock in Hong Kong! The limited edition product originally hit Hong Kong last July, and it sold out in just two days. 

This return sees real D24 durian purée (straight from Malaysia, no less) swirled into vanilla ice cream – the kind of fruity, creamy sugar-high fever dream. A standard-sized durian McFlurry costs only $25, but since it’s not every day you get to enjoy this durian goodness, take the opportunity to super-size it and get an extra scoop and even more durian purée for $40. Still not enough? You can go even bigger with the “extra” size ($55) that comes with two additional ice cream scoops and three times the purée. 

Get in line early – McDonald’s starts selling them from 11am – or else prepare for either agonising queuing or outright disappointment. You’ve been warned.

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