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McDonald’s officially goes off the deep end with new Jack the Dipper campaign

Written by
Graham Turner

What does cheap chicken – mainly breaded with tears – gold and one of history’s most feared serial killers have in common? Absolutely nothing is the answer. But that isn’t stopping perpetual colon-irritators McDonald’s from rolling out their latest and possibly most bonkers campaign to date.

Yes, McDonald’s has brought back ‘infamous’ nugget-sauce stealing don, Jack the Dipper (they claim he’s a beloved character in what we’re choosing to call the MCEU – the McDonald’s Extended Universe). This time though, he’s not alone. Eater of world’s, Jack the Dip Shit Dipper, has assembled the definitely not crappily named Dipper League – yes, apparently that’s the best they could do – in a bid to steal the newly minted 24-carat gold McNuggets.

Okay, that's the backstory, here’s where you come in. Customers have a chance to win pure golden nuggets and other prizes such as 365 days of free Chicken McNuggets (we hope you have robust health insurance), by playing four different online games which can be unlocked with the purchase of boxes of McNuggets. Within these games, players need to pass certain missions and collect virtual dipping sauces (no Szechuan, alas – the PR team really missed a trick with that clanger) that will ultimately unlock the safe that holds the golden prize. The rest of the details are a bit hazy but we’re assuming everyone that completes the challenges will be put in a prize draw.

We look forward to McDonald’s next campaign featuring either Adolf Dipler, The Zodiac Dipper or McTed Bun-dy.

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