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Times Square Mr. Men Little Miss
Photograph: Courtesy Times Square

Mr. Men and Little Miss celebrates 50th anniversary at Times Square

Two brand new characters to join the book series will also be unveiled!
Written by
Jenny Leung

First created in 1971 by British author and illustrator Roger Hargreaves, the Mr. Men and Little Miss children's book series and its colourful characters have found their way into the hearts of kids (and adults) for many generations. With this year marking its 50th anniversary, the iconic series has partnered up with Times Square to host its first celebration event in Asia – Times Square X Mr. Men Little Miss 50th Anniversary: Discover You.

Step off the long escalators to Times Square’s atrium and you’ll instantly be greeted by Mr. Happy, Little Miss Hug, and Mr. Bump as they cross Abbey Road – a homage to The Beatles’s famous album cover – along with Mr. Tickle at a magazine stall where a range of exhibits from the Mr. Men Mini Museum in London, including two Hong Kong-manufactured vintage toys, are on display. 

Visitors will also be able to browse through replicas of the very first Mr. Men and Little Miss books, see original sketches by Adam Hargreaves, son of Roger Hargreaves, and learn more about the story behind the inception of this famous book series. 

Of course, no event is ever complete without a pop-up store. From mugs and tumblers to tote bags and notebooks, you’ll find all kinds of merch that have been specially created by Mr. Men Studio for its 50th anniversary. 

Outside the pop-up store, visitors will also be introduced to two new characters that officially join the Mr. Men and Little Miss family – Mr. Calm, who has an easy-going outlook on life and encourages his friends to think before they act, and Little Miss Brave, who always stands up for what she believes in and never backs down from a challenge.

Then, continue the fun and head up to the fifth floor to explore the Mr. Men Little Miss Global Artist Collaboration Gallery, which features artworks by 25 artists around the world who give their own unique interpretations of Mr. Men and Little Miss characters, and the Discover You Academy, where a series of Mr. Men and Little Miss games and challenges await. There’ll even be live shows, meet-and-greets with different characters, and storytelling sessions! Click here for details of workshops and events.

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