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Photograph: Courtesy Artzbrew

New cafe Artzbrew opens in Sai Ying Pun combining arts with coffee

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Jenny Leung

Perched on the historic Bird Bridge in Sai Ying Pun, Artzbrew is a sleek new cafe-slash-gallery that combines food and coffee with art. The venue boasts two floors, with the cafe – which has both indoor and outdoor seatings – on the ground floor and the gallery space and shop sitting on the floor above.

The cafe boasts large single-pane glass windows that allow plenty of natural light to seep through, along with a colourful collection of artworks to match the space. The collection includes art prints of masterpieces by the likes of Andy Warhol, Mr., and Haruki Murakami, as well as art toys and postcards by Japanese artist Keigo. The cafe is also decked out in designer furniture like the museum collection-grade Roly Poly armchair sofas by Faye Toogood. 

Helmed by Edwin Lee, founder of popular cafe Colour Brown, Artzbrew not only offers a range of handcrafted coffee like the zesty citron steamed iced coffee, but also a selection of special drinks inspired by artworks such as the Red (citron roselle tea), Yellow (tumeric caffe latte), and Blue (cream soda with milk), which pay tribute to Piet Mondrian’s well-known artwork 'Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue'.

Photograph: Cumin cauliflower steak

Light meals and bites are on the menu with signature dishes such as the cumin cauliflower steak, red pitaya oat milk smoothie bowl, and the double espresso tiramesù. Freshly roasted beans, house-baked bread, and special Keigo-themed bottled coffee are also available for customers to purchase at the grab-and-go counter to enjoy at home.

Artzbrew's gallery on the first floor is also not to be missed as a monthly series of art exhibitions will be held here. Open until August 29, the gallery presents its inaugural exhibition, Transient, featuring Shanghai-based artist Vinn Feng. Highlighted works include her prints and sculptural works – 20 of which were created exclusively for the show – as well as a pink LED-lit installation that immerses the audience in a room of distorted reflection and mystic lighting. There is also a gallery shop that offers comprehensive and affordable collectables like signed prints, limited-edition figures, and other merchandise. 

Artzbrew is located at 118 Queen's Road West, Sai Ying Pun. Perfectly combining food and coffee with art in a casual and approachable setting, Artzbrew is ideal for anyone to step in and just relax. 

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