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New Hong Kong gallery is dedicated to dolls only

Written by
Olivia Lai

Ever watched the movie Annabelle and thought it was weirdly kinda cute? Well, your dreams – or nightmares, depending on where you stand on dolls – are about to come true.

Doll’s House opens tomorrow and is Central’s newest art gallery. But instead of exhibiting paintings, sculptures or photographs, this new institution is dedicated exclusively to fine art dolls. The gallery’s inaugural exhibition is showcasing more than 70 dolls by more than 20 different renowned artists from all over the world. Not as dull as it sounds, each doll in the collection is unique and handcrafted, made with materials like gold, porcelain, wood, wool and felt.

Fine art doll collecting is, apparently, a new trend sweeping through Eastern Europe and Hong Kong is finally – yes, finally – getting in on the game. Pop along to Doll’s House and see what makes these dolls art. Some of them are even available for sale so you can stare at them all day long in the comfort of your own home. If you’re into that. 

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