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Oreo introduces new music box

Written by
Sarah Moran

Here's a turntable nobody asked for: an Oreo Music Box.

Along with introducing new red velvet sandwich, vanilla mousse, and choco-brownie flavours, Oreo just released a limited-edition music box, already loaded with Oreo's own original songs. Place the Oreo cookie over top like a vinyl, put the 'needle' on the Oreo, and press the button in the corner to play. What follows is one of five pre-recorded 'Oreo songs' to get you in the snacking mood. Take a bite out of the Oreo and place it back on the turntable to hear a different song.

If Oreo songs aren't your jam, you can record up to 30 seconds of a voice message, a song from Spotify, or your own original tune to bop to. This adorable little music box will be available in 7-11s around Hong Kong from today onwards. For only $138 dollars, you can get a set of any two packs of Oreo Japan Crispy (either vanilla mousse or chocolate brownie flavour), or any four packs of Oreo Sandwich or Thins.

While a turntable that only plays Oreo songs may not be the most practical, we appreciate the spirit behind a record player dedicated to our favourite cookie. Only 5000 of these Oreo music boxes will be sold, so grab yours before they're all gone. Optional but highly recommended: a tall glass of milk by your side.

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