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Oreo sakura sour plum flavours
Photograph: Courtesy Mondelēz International

Oreo releases new pink and green cookies with quirky Japanese flavours

Are you going to be team pink or team green?
Written by
Jenny Leung

We get our fair share of quirky Japanese snacks in Hong Kong, and it looks like Oreo is joining in on the fun. Inspired by Japanese bamboo forests and sakura blossoms, two new season-limited Oreo flavours are hitting the shelves tomorrow (April 28) – a sakura strawberry flavoured Oreo and the first-ever green Oreo flavoured with sour plum. 

The sakura strawberry Oreo is made with a sweet strawberry filling (which they claim is made with genuine strawberry ingredients) sandwiched between two pink sakura cookies, while the green sour plum Oreo offers you a taste of savoury, sweet, and sour, all in one go. And just to make your 'twist, lick, dunk' experience more enjoyable, both flavours will come in beautiful packaging with pink sakura and green bamboo leaves to symbolise the spring season in Japan.

Available at designated supermarkets and convenience stores starting April 28, the limited edition flavours are priced at $8.9 (97g) and $19.9 (194g) each. So, which one will you be trying?

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