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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Photograph: Courtesy Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Samsung turns Central building into a digital theatre stage

Experience the art of theatre on the streets!
Written by
Jenny Leung

With innovations in technology ever on the rise, art is no longer just paintings on a wall or sculptures on display. A new form of art presentation incorporating digital elements has been gaining popularity over the past few years, opening up a whole new world of artistic creations that use different technological approaches to produce artworks that are larger in scale, more creative, and over-the-top – in the best ways possible, of course.

Jumping on the bandwagon of digital art this summer, Samsung has turned the façade of Central’s Entertainment Building into a grand theatre stage, bringing Hongkongers a large-scale visual art showcase, Theatre on Street, with the brand’s Smart LED curved screen

Working in partnership with South Korean UX design firm d’strict, the showcase will present a one-minute rendition of Hong Kong Ballet’s acclaimed production Alice (in wonderland) – featuring a highlighted scene where Alice meets her Wonderland friend the White Rabbit in the garden – by capturing motions of the physical ballet performance with holographic technology.

The performance of Alice (in wonderland) will be played on the curved screen until the latter part of the year (exact date TBC), after which the brand will introduce more creative content to the 'theatre stage'. Whether you’re watching up close or from afar, the stunning immersive effects of the showcase will give its audience a visually impactful experience as though they are watching the show in a theatre – especially in the evening!

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