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Dr. Fern's Gin Parlour
Photograph: Sit Yik Hay

Savour Every Moment

Discover mindful culinary experiences at LANDMARK

Time Out Hong Kong in partnership with LANDMARK

Beyond being a shopping mecca, LANDMARK is a world-class destination for unique F&B experiences, bringing over 70+ dining concepts under one roof. This year, LANDMARK is shifting its culinary focus to introduce its Mindful Eating concept offering purpose-driven culinary experiences. Mindful Eating at LANDMARK follows four major themes: awakening the senses, appreciating the finer details, fuelling your mind, and being present. 

Awaken the senses
The Aubrey takes you on a journey to Ginza through its fresh and vibrant menu. Inspired by 'the journey of a hungry mind', The Aubrey invites you to awaken your senses by delving deep into the colours and flavours of its world-class sushi and sashimi experience, courtesy of Chef Tomiyama and his team. 

Appreciate the finer details
Show appreciation and gratitude of the journey food takes to get to your plate. The handmade steamed rice flour roll by executive chef Menex Cheung of China Tang is one example of the delicate steps that goes into the craft – from using lobster soup instead of water to make the rice batter, to the overnight treatment of the dried prawns.

Fuel your mind 
Food goes beyond the plate and fuelling the body. Food also enriches the soul and nourishes the mind. Rise by Classified ensures all of their ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. Their zero-waste ethos is echoed in its operations, from sourcing all the way through to packaging. Make greater connections to where your food comes from and how it’s produced. 

Enjoy the present 
Wind down in the botanical playground that is Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour. Kick back and get lost in conversation with close friends, enjoy the light hum of soul jazz in the background while sipping on a concoction prescribed by the doctor himself. 

Mindful Eating at LANDMARK shifts the mindset of eating from just an activity, to an experience that implores all of the senses. Savour every moment, every flavour, every aroma, every texture, and explore what mindful eating means to you.

Time Out Hong Kong in partnership with LANDMARK

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