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Survey: will you use WeChat Pay and Alipay to pay for taxis?

Written by
Olivia Lai

After only accepting cash for years, suddenly it seems like there could be three different methods for you to pay for your taxi in Hong Kong. 

The owner of WeChat, tech company Tencent, says it’s hoping to roll out an initiative before the end of the year where by more than 1,000 Hong Kong taxis can offer passengers rides that can be paid for via WeChat Pay. Also battling for Hongkongers’ attention is online payment competitor Alipay, another Mainland tech behemoth, which has just announced its intention to offer a similar service via working with local mobile payment systems. Striking back last week, Octopus announced its own QR code service to help small businesses, such as taxi drivers, receive payment. To work, all it requires is a smartphone on each side of the transaction.

So what you do think, Time Out readers? Which system takes your fancy most?

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