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Thailand’s most popular milk tea brand Cha Tra Mue to open Hong Kong flagship store

Written by
Olivia Lai

One of Thailand’s most popular and beloved tea brands, Cha Tra Mue, is set to open their first Hong Kong flagship store on April 27.

With more than 70 years of history and renowned for their addictively smooth (and sweet) Thai milk tea and green tea beverages, Cha Tra Mue has expanded to Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Beijing and now Hong Kong. Using only imported ingredients straight from Thailand such as tea leaves, coffee beans, lime and honey, every order from the Hong Kong outlet is guaranteed to taste as authentic as it is from the streets of Bangkok. Also, Hongkongers can look forward to the pandan flavoured bubble tea – both incredibly chewy and photogenically green. 

Located on 49 Jardine’s Bazaar in Causeway Bay, the new shop will also offer family-sized boxes that come with 50 Cha Tra Mue tea bags. So you can get your milk tea fix anytime you want at home. 

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