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The best Cantopop songs of all time: 20-11

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Time Out editors

We’re now giddy with joy to present to you the first of our two-part countdown of the best Cantopop songs of all time!

20. Ivana Wong (王菀之) – Negative Space <<留白>>
Electro and dubstep influences, a quirky arrangement and a haunting atmosphere elevate this song above the usual Cantopop trappings, giving it a decidedly contemporary edge.

19. Maria Cordero (肥媽) – The Aura of Friendship <<友誼之光>>
Kind of like the Hong Kong equivalent of That’s What Friends Are For. Aura has become a symbol of, astonishingly, friendship and is Filipino singer Maria Cordero’s most popular song.

18. Leo Koo (古巨基) – Too Late to Love <<愛得太遲>>
The karaoke-friendly characteristics of the melody have ensured that Too Late to Love has remained a favourite among Hongkongers.

17. Cass Phang (彭羚) – Let me go with You <<讓我跟你走>>
Few other songs epitomise the strong, emotionally wrought female ballad like this song from Cass Pang.

16. Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) – Small City, Big Problems <<小城大事>>
This song stands out in particular for its use of traditional Chinese melodies as opposed to solely relying on the saccharine leanings of many of its contemporaries.

15. William So (蘇永康) - The More We Kiss the More it Hurts <<越吻越傷心>>
A classic Cantopop karaoke song. It meets the requirements of a sing-song melody, catchy lyrics and the theme of heartbreak.

14. Hacken Lee (李克勤) – The Red Sun <<紅日>>
A cover of Sore Ga Daiji’s Japanese classic sung by the Daijiman Brother’s Band. This number encourages listeners to never give up on whatever they are striving for. Thanks Hacken. 

13. Candy Lo (盧巧音) – Let’s Breakup <<好心分手>>
The simple and addictive melody of Let’s Breakup has made it one of the most identifiable Cantonese karaoke songs of all time.

12. Eason Chan (陳奕迅) – The King of Karaoke (K歌之王)
Paying tribute to Hong Kong’s karaoke culture, this is an instant classic, borrowing lyrics and melodies from previous iconic Canto hits for full nostalgic effect.

11. Danny Chan (陳百強) – Loving You Despite the Odds <<偏偏喜歡你>> 
The hyperbole is strong with this one with Chan comparing love to committing a crime, all to a composition that’s simple but extremely catchy.

That’s your lot for today folks. Come back tomorrow for the top 10. And thanks for voting!

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