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The world's strongest truffle chips have arrived in Hong Kong
Written by
Jenny Leung

What good is a binge-watching session without something to nibble on, right? How does the world's strongest truffle chips sound? Hailing all the way from Singapore, Aroma Truffle is said to have the most aromatic truffle chips in the world. Available in three flavours ($69/pack) - original, parmesan cheese, and honey dijon - Aroma Truffle uses only the finest ingredients in a special house recipe made with truffles sourced directly from Spoleto, Italy.

The brand was founded in late 2018, and it already has five shop locations in Singapore, along with online shops set up in numerous parts of Asia. And now, Hongkongers can enjoy these gourmet chips too from the brand new Aroma Truffle shop opening on April 9 at the Hysan Place! If, and only if, you happen to be around the area, drop by and pick up some truffle-packed chips home. But don't worry if you're staying home, because there is also an online shop where all three flavours are available for purchase. 

Our verdict? The parmesan cheese flavour is definitely our favourite, it's a must-try for those who are not used to such intense flavours. But if you're a full-on truffle-head, munch away on the original flavour as it is packed with truffle notes. And if you like things with a slight kick to it, the honey dijon is your go-to. Happy snacking!

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