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Joshua Wong
Wikimedia Commons

US lawmakers have nominated Joshua Wong for the Nobel peace prize

Written by
Olivia Lai

After popping in and out of prison over his involvement in the 2014 Occupy Movement, there's some good news for Josuha Wong: a group of US lawmakers has recently nominated him and his fellow activists Nathan Law and Alex Chow for the Nobel peace prize. 

The bipartisan group, which includes Senator Marco Rubio, have been openly critical of Hong Kong’s ongoing democracy battles – or lack thereof – and have submitted the Hongkongers' names in recognition of their non-violent quest for democracy and political reform. 

The nomination is certainly highly controversial and one that will certainly piss the Mainland off, but it is a historic moment nonetheless as this marks the first time anyone from Hong Kong has been nominated for the coveted prize.  

Let us know what you think about the nomination. Well deserved or a shocker? 

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