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Ying Jee Club launches new tasting menu

Two Michelin-Starred Central Cantonese favourite unveils new range of exciting eats
Written by
Sam Evans
Ying Jee Club has just rolled out a brand-new tasting menu that takes diners on a journey through Cantonese cuisine's vast array of flavours, ingredients and cooking techniques. The new menu features a selection of executive chef Siu Hin Chi's favourite Cantonese dishes including suckling pig with goose liver pate and sauteed pigeon, wok-fried lobster with shallot and scallion, pan-fried crab claw with shrimp paste, fish maw in chicken broth, and the scrumptious sounding braised fried rice with abalone and chicken, to name just a few.
Finish the meal off at this Michelin-starred restaurant with baked sago and lotus seed paste, coconut pudding with kumquat and yuzu and glutinous dumpling with mango, egg custard and coconut. The tasting sets are available in both eight-course ($1,480 per person) and six-course ($1,080 per person) options.

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