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Superfoods Peru Seafood Quinoa Paella
Photograph: Time Out Hong Kong

Food Ticket: cooking with quinoa

ChullsChick’s fresh seafood quinoa paella

Time Out Hong Kong in partnership with Trade Commission of Peru

While exploring the colourful open-air markets of Peru may not be possible right now, you can find a ton of Peru’s treasured superfoods right here in Hong Kong. In our Food Ticket cooking series, Time Out and Superfoods Peru take you behind the pass at some of the city's beloved restaurants to cook up a superfood storm.

First up, bringing Peruvian rotisserie to the streets of Hong Kong, is Central's ChullsChick Founder and chef Abel Ortiz walks us through preparing a fresh seafood paella, but with a twist. Paella is traditionally made with rice, but this recipe replaces the rice with quinoa, which adds a nutty flavour and interesting texture. This highly nutritious supergrain is more dense so it holds the flavour of whatever it cooks in extremely well, and it is packed with protein, dietary fibre, and loads of minerals and vitamins.   

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