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Photograph: Courtesy Allklear

The world’s first drinkable salad loved by celebrities and influencers

Have yourself a tall glass of 10 green servings

Time Out Hong Kong in partnership with Allklear

The future is here. It really is, at least in the world of nutrition. Putting together state-of-the-art technology and developing nutrition, Hong Kong food and tech start-up Allklear Health Limited has invented the world’s very first drinkable liquid salad. So, if eating several servings of greens a day doesn’t coincide with your current lifestyle, a pack of Allklear’s Future Salad gives you all the vitamins and nutrients you’ll need in a day, all in a few sips.

Photograph: Courtesy Allklear

Taking out the ‘grassy’ taste and texture of raw vegetables; the time and effort it requires to clean, prepare and cook; and the easily perishable element of fresh produce; Future Salad might very well be the ultimate veggie option for the modern urbanite. 

Using Krystallos Sublimation Drying technology, a pioneering science adopted from aerospace dynamics, Future Salad breaks through the barriers of conventional vegetable consumption. Unlike previous alternatives, Future Salad is able to retain nutritional value while eliminating bacteria and viruses in a format with prolonged shelf life and convenience. Through rapid freezing (at under 40 degrees), sublimation, dehydration and powder transformation, Future Salad is clean, nutritional, and delicious.

Alfred Hui I Photograph: Courtesy Allklear

A vegetable replacement, Future Salad is suitable for anyone and everyone. Safe for all ages, it offers all the nutrition, fibre and benefits that can be found in an actual bowl of salad. The delicious salad beverage requires only water to stir into a quick liquid meal. The taste, efficiency and health benefits are just some of the reasons why Allklear is so popular with medical professionals, celebrities like Alfred Hui (who prefers mixing his formula with oat milk to create a “salad latte”) and Lisa Marie Tse; influencers like the famous fitness trainers Poyi Lau and Emi Wong; active working professionals; picky eaters; and mothers who know all too well the difficulty in integrating greens into a child’s diet.

Poyi Lau I Photograph: Courtesy Allklear

What’s more, Future Salad is active in its part for sustainability. Offering a product that is as beneficial to humans as it is kind to the environment, Future Salad production produces very minimal carbon emissions and, thanks to its technology, has removed cold chain transportation and storage. The biggest advantage of all is that when compared to vegetables, its shelf life allows for a tremendous reduction in food waste, ensuring that all resources are maximised.

Photograph: Courtesy Allklear

After three years in the making, Allklear established itself in Hong Kong in 2021. Successfully expanding to China, Taiwan and Thailand, Allklear will also be crossing the ocean to debut in the US market in Q2 of 2022. New plant-based products targeting specific concerns are also in the pipeline, so keep your eyes peeled for Collagen Future Salad and Anti-aging Future Salad which will hit the market soon.  

Lisa Marie Tse


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Enjoy 20 percent off on seven sachets ($224) and 21 sachets ($638.40) using the discount code: timeout80 at checkout.

Future Salad is available at, HKTV mall, Watsons, Log-on, CitySuper, and Yata. 

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