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Ambi Climate

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Keep cool this summer with Ambi Climate
Written by
Kaila Imada

It's too hot to stay in a stuffy room during this balmy summer. So stay cool and save some dollars on your electricity bill with Ambi Climate, the smart add-on for your air conditioner. We all know our air con units are must-haves when the mercury rises, so why not link your AC to deliver the perfect indoor climate? The energy-efficient unit automatically controls your air con based on your personal comfort preferences so you can retire the remote and relax in total comfort. You can also pre-cool on your way home so you don't have to dread arriving back to a sauna. Did you know that in the summer, 50 percent of an average Hong Kong household's energy usage is from its AC? With Ambi Climate, you can cut down on bills by eliminating overcooling. The corresponding app also makes it convenient for you to control the device from your smartphone to manage and monitor temperature and humidity levels while you're away. That's cool, for sure.

3 readers will win: An Ambi Climate air conditioner add-on, worth $1,399.

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