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Secret Theatre

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Hong Kong's best (or worst) kept secret arrives once again

Watch out, there's a serial killer on the loose. Touted as one of the city's best (or worst) kept undercover cultural events, the wildly successful Secret Theatre project returns to Hong Kong this September. Ticketholders can expect one-of-a-kind immersive storytelling, site-specific set designs and roaming characters at this exciting sho, along with a scrumptious pre or post-theatre dinner option at Aaharn. As the location of this year’s production won’t be revealed until the purchase of your ticket, you’ve got to pay out to find out! 


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5 out of 5 stars

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From the moment "Bones" welcomed us into his crazy birdcage shop and informed us we had to attend a secret gang meeting we knew we were in for a fun night! The venue was fabulous and we were overjoyed to be able to get some instagramming in the wonderful beginning space with the wonderful Queen P and her team. The show itself was so much fun and it was packed with a few surprises that keep you guessing which way the show show is going to go. I hadn't seen the original, and thought it was a very interesting cult choice and not obvious at all. The actors were all wonderful, you could tell they were all very talented and the event direction was equally great so the show rocked to its final climax. LOVED IT! want to go again! Anyone keen?! 

That was fantastic! At last something different to enjoy in Hong Kong - we hadn't done any of the other shows so was a real eye opener - the atmosphere and energy was quite sublime and our whole group really got into the evening - really memorable night out!

Great shows - loved it was totally different from last year - show was more interactive and we loved the anticipation at the start as we had no idea what was going to happen. Adaptation, acting and venue all added to the great experience.

A really intimate and interesting show - the dinner ticket was great - a wonderful steak - and overall great fun - great set up for the show which we loved!

Finally an interesting addition to Hong Kong nightlife thats didn't involve eating or drinking (well it did a bit to be fair!) the fights were great and the overall direction of the production was excellent.  

we went after reading the great review in south china morning post and the show was great. Engaging and realistic and quite a work out! the cast were energetic, fun and dangerous, I"ll never look at soap the same way again!

Falls terribly short of expectations. The actors hammed and spat through their lines. The script is, well, just the movie dialogues, delivered badly. The so called interactive and immersive element was a complete dud. There were no intelligent spaces created in the screenplay for really making the audience part of what was going on. Its a great concept, and like all fads, will probably do well with the relatively non discerning HK audience. To me,  a waste of 900odd HKD and a couple hours. We did feel like cutting losses a couple of times during the show and from what I saw around me, we were not alone.

Loved it! Great energy and style of production - really captured the moment - can't wait to do another secret theatre project! 

The show is really great - we went to the last show in Hong Kong which was so cool and fun and this show did not disappoint either - loved the immersive elements and the venue and the taste of something different, at last! Keep up the great work and come back soon! 

I was slightly perplexed at what I was being asked to do to become part of project mayhem but after some convincing meetings with the space monkeys I was well and truly on my way to creating the chaos! There was a real electric vibe during the show as we thundered towards the climax after some great fights and interesting choices in the narrative. I really did not see this one coming after the last show and was impressed by the different mood of the piece. Directing this must have been a nightmare as there was some loud antics from the attendees but it added to the piece as a whole and earnt the applause at the end!

You could look at this show as a piece of entertainment and enjoy it but the significance of the production for me reached deeper levels. Asian lead performers in an international company made me proud and inspired, they were, as were the rest of the cast, quite brilliant. To take a very macho story and add in strong female leads also for me felt amazing, the whole feel of the show reached another universal level, in a city, where all the topics were truly relevant. I left for home feeling deeply moved and impressed and also very hopeful that one day, I could too, truly become a Space Monkey. 

I loved being tested from the minute I arrived - before the action had started I'd given a presentation, made a bomb, learnt how to make a missile, learnt how the space monkeys create the mayhem and did a pretty big fight work out1 I thought that was it - so was great when it all really begins and it was rewarding as I had interacted with all the characters which made it feel real and more dramatic. Brilliant night. 

Epic show - hadn't seen one like it - the range of actors and the different floors with the action made it quite cinematic - loved it!

It certainly packs a punch! When we eventually found it we loved it - was great to interact with the actors and story and made the night memorable by exciting vibe.

We had a great night at the show, loved the feel of the experience - enjoyed roaming around the 3 floors and getting to take part in the action. Go Space Monkeys! 

This is really a show for fans of the original, of which I am not one of, but this companies evening made the most of the talents they had at their disposal. The choreography was very strong and quite breath taking up close and the energy of the evening and original take on the adaptation made me enjoy it. 

The dinner and show ticket was great - treated my boyfriend who did not know what to expect and loved it! The food was great and the actors made the dinner interesting and when we entered the show we loved it, was great walking around and meeting all the characters before all the action kicked off. Wish there was more of these style of nights in Hong Kong!

Not sure what the fuss is about. Mediocre acting, disjointed story line and bad acoustics made me feel like I wasted too many hours of my life (and far too much money) on a high school play. The grand finale was especially bad with terribly predictable plot. 

One could be forgiven for getting too carried away in this show! By the end we were jumping up and down with glee! Congratulations to the team who continue to improve the shows in Hong Kong! 

Did not know what I was walking into as went with mates - next thing we knew we were deep in the story - I hadn't experience theatre like this and it was a truly unique. The whole production had a contemporary, almost futuristic feel that was believable and relevant. All the speeches and actions came across as quite poetic as they made so much sense in Hong Kong and having suitable actors for certain roles made it all the more believable. Go check it out! 

Fantastic work - right from the moment we arrived we were all immersed in the world of project mayhem - the lead actors were superb - a wonderful mix of action and theatre made the night great to watch. The journey through the story was original and enthralling and certainly took some risks. Awesome. 

Just saw the Tuesday night show! Really, really good - amazing idea, script, adaptation, acting and fights. We really wanted more! So good to have shows like this on in Hong Kong now, we all really impressed, much love, ooo! ooo! ooo! 

I've been to many immersive experiences, most recently punchdrunks sleep no more in New York and secret cinema's moulin rouge and was really looking forward to this offering. I did wonder how this experience would differ from those previous shows - an essentially this is a far more intimate experience - where the focus and investment is in the acting,choreography and the effort to give the production a site specific original feel. For this show it was really effective and the show has a real pulse and energy and if you are new to this experience you are sure to enjoy it. The venue was in the perfect part of town and made the ending of the show sit that little deeper as we left a dystopian vision, and a really relevant one at that.

A special and exciting piece of art. This was my first immersive show and didn't really know what to expect. I was dreading being pulled out and being forced into acting but to my joy I was able to move around the immersive elements engaging where I was comfortable and then able to enjoy the action when it all got into full throttle. I thought the adaptation was a bold and original take on what could have been a replica effort and the vision of setting it in Hong Kong really worked as I totally believed I was inhabiting the world of the space monkeys. 

this was right up my street, the night was really like nothing else in Hong Kong, it was actually a real experience and completely different to what I expected theatre to be - exciting, immersive and loads of fun!

Well, we bought the ticket, and took the ride! Thanks Secret Theatre Project! Go checkout out if you love immersive theatre and edgy work. 

I had no idea what I was walking into, and what a great surprise, it oddly felt very real and original. The lead actor was fantastic and carried the production, it was really awesome to see a show like this executed so well. 

Last year we flew over from Singapore for last years show and loved it. Luckily I was in town for this one and enjoyed it again. This one went further with the action, immersive elements and violent fun. The whole piece, true to the text was rather moving and I enjoyed the theatrical scenes sprinkled into the immersive world. Highly recommended.

I went to an immersive show recently in New York and didn't really enjoy it as we were constantly having to run around chasing the story and everyone I ended up just ended up aimlessly walking around set taking photos. In this show a burly scotsman informed me my camera would be taken away if I took photos (sigh of relief) and we then were able to enter the story but we were right there in the action. The attention to details good but the acting and the immersive elements were great - we didn't to be chasing actors or wondering what was going on, that was all served up for you and for the better, as you don't want to miss any of the action in this one. Dangerously cool. 

Still buzzing after this show! Boyfriend surprised me as he had been in New York and London but I had never seen anything like it - really exciting and interesting and loved the ending. 

If you are living in Hong Kong and you miss this, you have really missed out. We missed out last year when the show sold out which was frustrating as my friends who went loved it, so we made sure we made it this time. The immersive beginning was great and set the tone, the actors were committed and talented and the feeling of the whole production worked really well with the material. 

Enjoyed the evening - we booked the dinner and show - so got an early experience of what to expect and it was really great - nice to throw some theatrics into the exploding muscles! The show was great, the choreography and the narrative, the direction of the whole vision was excellent.

A really fantastic piece of theatre. We made sure we attended all the committees and just when we were wondering where the production was going, the full force erupted with some really great scenes - loved it right to the end and thought the whole experience was spot on. 

A pretty wild affair! You can really get involved in this one! In my girlfriends case, training to fight, making a bomb and kidnapping a police officer! We loved it, was our first one and can't wait till the next one.

Loved that the adaptation happened in real time and was bold enough to incorporate strong female leads - gave the production a fresh feel from the original and it was so inspiring to watch! 

I missed last years as it sold out so was right onto this to get tickets - thought the show was great - the fights were brilliant and the adaptation really clever - setting in Hong Kong was a nice touching gave the whole immersive production a really cool feel - check it out!

Much bigger event space than last year and a far more immersive experience - loved it! 

When I clocked from the rather unsubtle marketing what the show was I was intrigued as to how they could possibly make it immersive. By setting the show in real time when the narrative is coming together we really got into the world of Project Mayhem and the the immersive committees at the start of the show gave us that immersive ride. Brave work from a companies show that seem to get better and better. Great choice of actors and setting the production in Hong Kong gave the whole experience a natural feel. 

Great venue and concept - a real adventure this time and the ending blew us away! Going back again in a few weeks as there was a secret room we never found!  

Just went to the new show Project Mayhem - what an experience - a real upgrade from last years show- we loved exploring the committees over the 3 floors and the acting was great - I knew from the trailer what the show was going to be and it didn't disappoint! Can't wait till the next one! 

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