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Secret Theatre

Hong Kong's best (or worst) kept secret arrives once again

The wildly successful Secret Theatre project returns to Hong Kong! Touted as one of the city’s best (or worst) kept undercover cultural events last year, 2015’s production saw a production of Seven out on Lamma Island. As the location and theme of this year’s production is secret until the purchase of your ticket, you’ve got to pay out to find out!

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Amanda K
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From the moment "Bones" welcomed us into his crazy birdcage shop and informed us we had to attend a secret gang meeting we knew we were in for a fun night! The venue was fabulous and we were overjoyed to be able to get some instagramming in the wonderful beginning space with the wonderful Queen P and her team. The show itself was so much fun and it was packed with a few surprises that keep you guessing which way the show show is going to go. I hadn't seen the original, and thought it was a very interesting cult choice and not obvious at all. The actors were all wonderful, you could tell they were all very talented and the event direction was equally great so the show rocked to its final climax. LOVED IT! want to go again! Anyone keen?! 

Mary H

When my daughter suggested an afternoon at the theatre, seeing a show by a London based group, the last thing I expected was this show. I must say, I do enjoy the tradition of theatre, sitting in the dark and absorbing a show is an escape, but to my horror i found out i loved getting involved in the show, being in a gang, The Black Sabbaths, hunting and killing, shooting holy water out of a penis shaped water gun! Theatre will never be the same! 

Rylan Z

Most thrilling night going in honkers!!!! Inspiring to see those performances here - it's about time! They rocked it - and the best element is that is immersive so you rock along with it side by side with the actors in a wicked venue! More please!

Melanie B

this really is the best secret in town! The shows were all sold out but we managed to snag a couple of tickets on the door - our friends said it shouldn't be missed and they were right - a really cool idea with a superb cast and funky venue meant we went home really impressed

Bex L

Crazy lol's x1,000,000! This show was so much fun - great cocktail of sass and danger! Could have watched an hour more!

Lex R

Our show was changed to a later performance and I was quite tired after work so was dreading enduring my wife's idea for the theatre. I was pleasantly surprised to be whisked off my feet by the show and found myself in a gang meeting and that was just the start of the craziness! A great concept really well performed and adapted - we ended up leaving at midnight! (A suitable time for this show!)

Naiomi H

Looking for a wild night - something a bit different? Then this is it - we loved it - dangerous, sexy and cool as hell!

Roz A

 What an outrageous night!!!! We heard that some nights there is a secret afterparty! We arrived for the7pm show and left at 2am! The immersive theatrical experience was awesome! A Really cool adaptation that blew our minds! The girls were all amazing, i enjoyed Foxy Death and it was fun being part of her gang! The acting in the show mirrored the excellent idea of show which was perfect for the venue and location. When the show ended we ended up in a freaky afterworld with the actors with more secret performances, my memory is blurry but i remember a blindfolded man being pulled around the venue like a dog and milk being pured over a sexy vixen in a bath!? MENTAL!!!!!!In the best way possible! Can't wait till these guys rroll into town again X

Zinedine R

There is a very famous speech in the original - so iconic - once I clocked what it was I was waiting to see how it would be delivered in this wonderfully twisted revamped version and then there it was, delivered by Queen Pussy and from then on we really wee on an original ride. A fantastic adaptation - taking an excellent original and really smashing out a new spin on it.

Lance G

The best immersive experience i have done hands down, unlike punchdrunk which we saw in London where you are chasing the story - often being an pushed around and basically left to walk round expensive sets - this show placed you right in the narrative with a great intimate experience - so if you want to be in the action not chasing it then this is for you - actors were great and the adaptation quite genius- go see it!

Tiff S

Not for the faint hearted! Especially on a Sunday afternoon - this adaptation had a distinctively British flavour which really worked well in its site specific space. Actors were convincing and managed to pull off a thriller with some hilarious moments - highly recommended!

Liam M

Better. Than the original! Why? Because we were in it! Ha! Loved it! So cool to do something different in honkers on a Saturday night -

Sally A

The show last night was rather a wild affair! A more bombastic production from last year and a really interesting cross of genres made the whole experience exciting. More direct action than last year and a really fast paced action made the night really great.

Lola S

Was so excited to see this - love how it works, we got our freak on and had the best afternoon ever in honkers! Bring on the next one!

Maxine C

A delicious evening in every sense of the world.Would have been nice to talk to the actors and team afterwards like last year, I really enjoyed that aspect last year, kind of got ushered out but the show was fabulous.

Toni L

Fans of the original are in for a real treat in this one! I struggled last time as we knew the show the ending was always predictable but with this one we only realised what the show was when it all got really thrilling. A blast from them on as it started kind of slow, it was a train of the tracks after that, a real cool experience, should be checked out.

Xeina L

I'd never done the whole immersive theatre experience and had reservations, I want to experience a show without being dragged into the action and this was perfect in that respect, and by the end I was getting right into the action, and I really enjoyed the ending, I knew the original well so was excited to see how they would bring the action to a close and they really did it in style, it was indeed a dark night!

Patricia J

We just attended the matinee and were really blown away. Great concept - the mystery of the whole event adds to the experience. Thought the actors rose to the challenge and gave an inspiring show - we missed the last one but we are addicted now! Can't wait for more -"all night long baby!"

Jane L

Just went to the early Saturday show and that's all set for the night... We apologise for being so wild! A great way to start your weekend with some fun culture currently being sorley missed here.. Highly recommend it

Simon J

after a tough day at the office i really wasn't amused at the idea of going to the theatre, i really had no idea what to expect, but the show made my day, i had never been before but really enjoyed the whole experience, and who knew theatre could be so much fun where you are right in the action, so go check it out

Sam R

Smashing! My boyfriend isn't the biggest fan of theatre so taking him to this was a real struggle but he loved it, more than me. If you loved the original you are in for a real treat. Venue was cool with an inexpected space for a central location and the lead actors really blew us away, especially queen pussy!

Tabatha C

I did let out a yawn at one point during the start of the show and was wondering how I was going to really get involved - and then all hell broke loose. We were surprised by the choice of production but in the end what the show and the original lacked in deep story and characters - was more than made up by an excellent cast that really revelled in the audiences fun. You need to leave your pretentious at the door for this one and just go and have a really great time.

Molly W

Don't expect the outrageous physical journey from last year! What this shows perhaps lacks in truly unique Hong Kong locations it makes up for in its quite breath taking narrative. I felt the show dragged last year but this years felt like it finished before it started, was shocked when I looked at my watch and 90 minutes had passed. Looking forward to the next one.

Vincent C

Outstanding show - wish we could have had a little bit more - time flies when you are having fun in this show - cast did a great job - shame bar staff were slow and we had to leave straight away at the end - we wanted to meet the queen!

Dylan J

We came by chance as we are visiting friends in Hong Kong - there is no immersive theatre in Singapore so we dragged them along an we all loved it. Such a riot - so gutted we have nothing like this at home but really glad we caught this - acting was superb and the adaptation was inspiring - it was the style we were hoping for and were left with big smiles on our faces - the big question is - when are you coming to Singapore?

Ralph L

Best Sunday I've had in honkers! Big up the team at secret studio lab - very impressive work - this was our first one and we can't wait till the next one x

Rachel A

Last year was hard to beat but we enjoyed the show. A more intimate experience awaits but again a brave choice in genre and style and the adaptation was fresh and original in its own right. Some wonderful performances and surprises along the way. Recommended to all my friends, but not my mum.

Nicky S

I think I was one of the few people who realised/cared what this show actually was very early on and I did wonder how they were going to pull it off, and when the drama shifts that's when it got really fun and interesting. It would have been great to have more opportunities to drink during the petformance but if you see the show you will probably realise why this might have been a bad idea.

Bruce m

Love, love, loved it! But what to write without giving it all away?! Loved interacting with the actors, Razor Charlie made me feel like one of the boys, and the ending was a real surprise. Wish we had more of this style of performance as it was at times really fun and exciting. Till next time!

Lucy U

As they say, Buy the ticket, take the ride! We actually saw this production in London, which was amazing but they really revamped this show for Hong Kong, we loved both but this show definitely has the edge with a wonderful cast, and at last a strong leading lady to match the men in these contemporary productions. All the girls were amazing and multitalented with the show crossing what felt like three genres in a very quick period of time. Highly recommended, if you can get a ticket! 

david j

At last some immersive theatre in Honkers! We wanted something different for a work night out, and we got it! I was a bit nervous as i suggested it, and the ticket wasn't the cheapest but it was well worth it, a really top night. 

Lily C

My boyfriend had never been to live theatre  but loved this thank god! If you are looking for a fun night out then this is for you, don't expect Shakespeare, but expect the unexpected, a fun adventure. 

Nikki G

"Well, that was emotional!" No truer words ever spoken! After the hype of the last show I did wonder where the Secret Theatre Project would go this time around. Although the sets and locations of last years show were rather outlandish, the show itself suffered from taking itself too seriously and some of the performers thus struggled as well. There was none of that this time around with a swash buckling ensemble cast in a central, intimate venue that made the whole experience far more effective. Some advice, if you go to the Saturday night show, stick around for the secret performance at 9pm! 

Mary S

We just went to the matinee and it was wild great fun - can't wait till the next one 

max j

i actually preferred this to the original - great work turning it into a theatrical gem - such fun - thanks secret studio lab - two great shows in a row 

Lisa A

The journey may not have been as spectacular as last year but the show was more fun and the audience felt far more part of the action, lets just say at one point i was firing off a water shooting dildo from each hand - the show was a total surprise and really not what we expected, and seeing it over the Halloween weekend really made it feel special. 

Samantha C

My only grumble was that it was too short. The best show I have seen in Hong Kong this year. 

Rufus F

We knew the venue, but luckily it's one of my favourites in town and was really surprised at how they utilised the space. When we realised what the show was we were wondering how on earth they would pull it off. And they did! In style! Superb! 

Sandy S

I missed the show last year so bought my ticket straight away for this one! Thank God! It was amazing! The cast were superb, the venue was really cool and it was inspiring to finally see some immersive theatre in Hong Kong! Bravo!