Tai Kwun
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4 Essential stops for your half-day exploration in Tai Kwun

Got half-day to spare? Explore these must-visit spots in this cultural haven.

Time Out Hong Kong in partnership with Tai Kwun

Are you passionate about arts and culture? Tai Kwun, a declared monument on Hollywood Road, is a must-visit for both locals and tourists. The historic cultural hub stands out as a massive art and cultural space, offering thematic exhibitions and immersive public programmes, along with a plethora of lifestyle experiences from all the shops and restaurants at Tai Kwun that would likely take you more than a day to explore. Gear up for your next visit and discover four unmissable shops and restaurants you absolutely must visit in Tai Kwun.


Founded in Milan in 1987 and with locations in London, Paris, Beijing, and Seoul, MASSIMODECARLO Gallery made its debut in Hong Kong in 2016 and established its current home at Tai Kwun in 2022. This gallery is known for fostering dialogues among globally recognised contemporary artists and up-and-coming talents, as well as featuring influential artists from the mid-20th century, whose works continue to inspire and influence contemporary art practices. The gallery works with a diverse range of international artists, working across various media forms like painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, photography, and video. 

While the gallery’s overseas spaces mainly showcase young European and American artists, its Hong Kong outpost focuses on blending cultures and building connections between Asia and the West. Its exhibition programme comprises approximately five shows a year, with half dedicated to Asian artists and the remaining half to Western artists. Currently, the gallery is hosting the ‘Mimmo Paladino’ exhibition, on display until July 5. Named after the famous Italian maestro, this solo exhibition marks his return to Asia after three decades since his inaugural exhibition in Beijing. Visitors can explore his recent works inspired by ancient and ancestral themes.

Shop 03-205 & 206, 2/F Block 3, Barrack Block, Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central, 2613 8062

The Gallery by SOIL

Started as a small pop-up store in 2012, The Gallery by SOIL is one of the pioneering lacquer art galleries in the city and relocated to Tai Kwun last year. Lacquer art, an almost forgotten art form originating from China and later influencing Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia, takes centre stage here. Dedicated to providing visitors fresh perspectives and experiences of this unique art form, the gallery collaborates with lacquer designers and craftsmen from diverse cultures and disciplines, offering insights into the history, culture, and humanity behind traditional crafts. 

The gallery regularly hosts exhibitions and talks by local and overseas lacquer masters. Visitors can get their hands on lacquer artworks and create a variety of pieces after each session. Visit their official website to stay updated on their latest schedules and events.

Shop 03-102, 1/F Block 3, Barrack Block, Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central, 5916 9266

Touch Ceramics

A brainchild of Hong Kong’s award-winning ceramic and kintsugi artist Enders Wong, Touch Ceramics is a workshop slash art gallery that opened its door in 2018. This creative hub offers regular and private workshops where you can unleash your artistic talents in crafting porcelain masterpieces, including ceramic music boxes, figurines, and sake ware, and learn the art of kintsugi and neriage. 

Recently, the venue has transformed from a specialised ceramics gallery to three independent yet interconnected contemporary art gallery spaces. Explore the rich history, culture, and craftsmanship of ceramics through a series of innovative and inspiring exhibitions that showcase the works of contemporary local and international talents. Keep an eye out for their latest events through their official website

Shop 03-103, 201-203, 1F & 2F Block 3, Barrack Block, Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central, 2562 9000


After your enriching cultural exploration, unwind with a well-deserved drink at 001. The venue is one of the original hidden bars in Hong Kong located inconspicuously on Graham Street market. The bar closed in 2022 after 12 years and found its new home at Tai Kwun in 2023. Just like its previous location, finding the entrance to the bar is already part of the adventure, especially navigating amidst Tai Kwun's labyrinthine walls. Once you reach Block 10, look for the bar’s distinctive vintage doorbell and buzz to enter 001. Inside, the venue is decked in Art Deco design featuring Jazz Age geometric patterns. The bar is adorned with soft suede booth seats and other vintage elements such as phones reminiscent of prison booths. 

Grab a seat and listen to jazzy melodies as you sip on well-crafted cocktails like their signature Earl Grey Marteani. Explore the extensive selection of whiskies, including the elusive and highly sought-after Pappy Van Winkle bourbon, and pair your drinks with delectable bar bites like shrimp spring rolls and goose rillette. 

Shop 10&13-101, 1/F Block 10 & 13, Superintendent's House and C Hall, Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central, 2810 6969

Visit Tai Kwun today and explore their full lineup of exhibitions and programmes here.

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