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Photograph: Courtesy Centrestage

Premiere fashion presentation Centrestage is back this September

Here's everything you need to know and more

Time Out Hong Kong in partnership with HKTDC

Gird your loins, boys and girls – Hong Kong’s premiere fashion show Centrestage is just around the corner! Taking place from September 9 to 11 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) Halls 1A-C, this year's event shines a spotlight on the theme 'Inclusion and Diversity', with the tagline '#MeMyselfAndUs' to bring forth a message that celebrates the mosaic tiles of different cultures, values, and individuals.

The whole event is earmarked by three thematic zones: Allure, which represents the height of craftsmanship, refinement and elegance; Iconic, an eclectic mix of avant-garde designs; and Metro, an enchanting variety of contemporary, minimalistic expressions of urban life. Aside from the creative pulse of each designer, the annual fashion showcase also promotes a free-flow of beauty and creativity with over 30 events, including runway shows, mini parades, seminars, and much more.

Ahead, we've spent some time sorting through an array of stellar brands that will be taking part in this year's event, and came up with three Hong Kong labels that best exemplify various lenses towards beauty and craftsmanship. Read on to find out more about each locally-bred designer brand! 

Photograph: Courtesy Demo


The boundary-pushing Demo is on a mission to smash away the gender convention. Inspired by men’s and women’s wear, Demo champions an alternative gender expression – soft masculinity, channelling a vision of androgynous beauty. The brand’s clothing line also evokes discourse about the perspective on gender against the biological one, as in the brand’s statement, "One is not born, but rather becomes a man." For all the forward-thinking design and rebellious concepts, the value of traditions is not lost in its sartorial elegance. The aesthetic traditions and contemporary mode of expression are melded together to bring out the beauty of every Demo's wearer.

Rickyy Wong Studio
Photograph: Courtesy Rickyy Wong Studio

Rickyy Wong Studio

Led by Rickyy Wong (yes, with two ys), who specialises in both menswear and womenswear, Rickyy Wong Studio spins its clothing lines from the history, folklore and cultures of East Asia’s cities. The garment-making master also uses top-end fabrics sourced from Japan, China, and Europe. An ensemble of Eastern sensibilities and Western cutting, the product lines reflect the designer’s background and training in Tokyo and Paris. In addition to making garments, Rickyy Wong Studio also maintains its commitment to sustainability by incorporating eco-conscious materials and techniques beyond its kaleidoscopic designs and vibrant hues.

112 mountainyam
Photograph: Courtesy 112 mountainyam

112 mountainyam

The striking hue of Pantone 112 conjures up wonders – channelling futurism, freedom, and organic vitality in one. This sensational colour forms the core of 112 mountainyam and its remarkable clothing line, which artfully combines men’s and women’s silhouettes in its tailoring.

Fitted within the brand’s motto, ‘you are who you are’, the luminous clothing brand emits beams of confidence and self-expression across its multifaceted forms and rich symbolisms. Honouring modern individuals who have the iron to get what they want, 112 mountainyam’s collections are the canvas on which to paint self-confidence, curiosity, and imagination to bring out the beauty of its wearers.


Register for this three-day extravaganza with free admission. Aside from marvelling at the masterpieces from each designer brand, you can also scoop your own moment of glamour with the on-site AR and VR technology to customise your own outfits and other fashion experiences! Stay tuned to watch the opening gala show Centrestage Elites online on September 9 (7pm-7.30pm), where you will see the latest collections by DEMO and Children of the discordance from Hong Kong and Japan respectively.

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